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Stunning Beni mguild vintage rug -S94- (3,18x1,84)

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This stunning rug called Beni Mguild which is  a large Berber tribe that was called before: the Aït Oumalou. these type of rugs are very unique carpets where the design and colour remain unpredictable. The geometric shapes have such a quantity of variations and the natural colours and shades are of such depth that our heart has been won over.Woven with virgin and soft wool by the women of the tribes, these magnificent Berber rugs generally combine the techniques of knotting and hand weaving.This is the expression of the creativity of the Amazigh woman in a Moroccan carpet, combining all her intuitions as well as the skills and techniques she acquired by many years of work to create such a precious masterpiece. The weavers use pure and healthy wool as a raw material to weave these carpets.

♥ ♥ ♥ Handwoven with  Care and Love ♥ ♥ ♥

        🟤Size :  3,18x1,84 metre/ 10.43x6.03Feet 

        🟤Material : Wool, fabrics, Chemical free non-toxic

        🟤weight: 18KG

        🟤Condition :Vintage,  Clean and washable, great condition .

        🟤Origine : Middle atlas, Beni Mguild tribe 

        🟤Technique : Weaving on vertical loom, lockstitch (symmetric knot)