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Akhnif Kilim Mordern Moroccan Runner -S 582- (2.95x0.70)

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Looking for a Gorgeous Berber Kilim rug with both hand-knotted and embroidered motifs?

This Berber design has delicately woven patterns, rhythmically arranged shapes and berber symbols in vibrant colors. This flat-woven rug is a unique piece of art and can perfectly fit in with bohemian style interior.

♥ ♥ ♥ Handwoven with  Care and Love ♥ ♥ ♥

         🟤Size: 2.95x0.70 metre/ 9.67x2.29 feet 

         🟤Material : Wool, fabrics, Chemical free non-toxic

         🟤weight: 4 KG

         🟤Condition :Vintage , No stains, Clean and washable, great condition .

         🟤Origine : Taznakht town, sowethern of morocco 

         🟤Technique : 3 technqiues (Lockstitch, tapestry and weaving)