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Authentic Moroccan Taznakht Rug - s 347 (2.66x1.50)

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Taznakht rugs originally weaved on traditional weaving looms by berber women in the high-middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco. These rugs are all individually crafted by hand, and making each rug different, rare to find the same pattern, and are simply beautiful. They are made from natural sheep wool with natural dye, and have wonderful designs.

This beauty  is a vintage one ,  that is not available on the market or the antique store it's simply unique.

♥ ♥ ♥ Handwoven with  Care and Love ♥ ♥ ♥

        🟤Size :  2.66x1.50 metre/ 8.72x4.92 Feet 

        🟤Material : Wool, fabrics, Chemical free non-toxic

        🟤weight: 9 KG

        🟤Condition :new , No stains, Clean and washable, great condition 

        🟤Origine : mrirt, southern of morocco 

        🟤Technique : Weaving on vertical loom, lockstitch (symmetric knot)