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Vintage Taznakht Runner -P 220- (6.00x1.70)

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This vintage hallway rug dates back to 1970 ,belongs to the head of Afella Ighir town back then in Tiznit Province.
he was well known of his generosity and hospitality, and that's what the teapot and the camels symbols means, says his son. Made by order to his palace, in Taznakht which is not only a town in Morocco, but it's the name of a type of rugs known by its strong and colourful appearance , and its unique geometric was kept in his palace for about 30 years after his death until we brought it to our gallery two years ago.

♥ ♥ ♥ Handwoven with  Care and Love ♥ ♥ ♥

        🟤Size :  6.00x1.70 metre/ 19.68x5.57Feet 

        🟤Material : Wool, fabrics, Chemical free non-toxic

        🟤weight: 29KG

        🟤Condition :Vintage, , No stains, Clean and washable, great condition 

        🟤Origine : Taznkaht town, southern of morocco 

        🟤Technique : Weaving on vertical loom, lockstitch (symmetric knot)